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Buy now, sell later

Work with The Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team to move into your new home with speed and certainty — while getting the strongest possible offer for your old home.


How HomeLight Buy Before You Sell Works


Unlock equity from your home with ease

HomeLight will evaluate your property for the program and, if approved, let you know how much of your equity you can unlock for the purchase of your new home. If approved, you can use the equity unlock for the following:

  • The downpayment on your new property
  • Moving expenses
  • Closing expenses
  • Property repairs

Buy your dream home with confidence — and without a double move

You and The Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team will be able to make a strong offer on your new home without a home sale contingency — and you can avoid moving twice.

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Why HomeLight?

HomeLight and The Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team are changing the way we transact real estate.

HomeLight’s mission is to empower people to make smarter decisions during one of life’s most important moments: buying or selling a home.

They build data-driven and innovative products that give more control to buyers and sellers while reducing risk and uncertainty.

HomeLight has helped over 1 million clients.


How do I get started with HomeLight Buy Before You Sell?

Let us know you're interested here. We'll be in touch to discuss your home buying goals.

What does it cost to use HomeLight Buy Before You Sell?

It’s free to get started and see how much equity you can unlock. If you decide to transact using the program, the fee is:

  • 2.4%* of the home sale if you choose to use an outside lender and closing company.
  • 1.7%* of the home sale if you use our lending and closing services.
How do you determine how much equity I can unlock from my current home?

The amount of equity you can unlock is determined using HomeLight’s proprietary algorithm, which takes into consideration the estimation of your home’s value, current market conditions, projected market risk, borrower financials, outstanding loans, and more. You’ll be able to unlock a portion of the overall equity you have in your home upfront, prior to selling the home — and will receive the remainder of your equity after the home sells, less program fees and expenses.

What if my current home doesn’t sell?

HomeLight partners with top agents nationwide to make buying and selling a home simpler, more certain, and satisfying for all. We work closely with The Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team to sell your home. If your home does not sell within 90 days, HomeLight will buy it and work with The Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team to list and sell it. You’ll receive any profit from the sale, after deducting HomeLight’s incurred costs.

*Fees subject to change; minimums apply.